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Greetings from the Style Course - Baroque and Minimalism, Romanticism and Realism!

Published on 23.11.2023
Tampere University
Tyylikurssi teatterimontussa - barokki, kuvassa näyttelijöitä valkoisissa korkeissa perukeissa
The Styles of Stage and Personal Style Master's Course took place from November 6 to 17, 2023. The course was organized in collaboration between the Theatre Arts degree program (Näty) at Tampere University and the Theatre Academy (TeaK) of the UniArts. The course was organized for the third time. During the first week, the participants worked at Teatterimonttu in Tampere, and the second week took place at TeaK in Helsinki.


Näty tyylikurssi teatterimontussa, barokki

"The course was led by the responsible teachers Saana Lavaste and Davide Giovanzana. Professor Mads Thygesen from Oslo, Professor Pauliina Hulkko in Theatre Arts, Lecturer Jukka von Boehm in the History of Performing Arts, and Theatre researcher Niko Suominen delivered excellent and inspiring lectures. Director Sinna Virtanen and Jussi Sorjanen provided a practitioner's perspective, sharing insights into their production 'Versailles,' its Baroque style, and the preparation process. 

The course was multilingual. While the common language for most practical aspects was English, demonstrations featured a mix of Finnish, Swedish, English, Hungarian, Czech, and French.

Students worked in four groups, each creating five sketches representing four different stylistic genres: two Baroque demos, as well as one exploring minimalism, one romanticism, and one realism.

The students' multilingualism, their diverse backgrounds, and perspectives, combined with the continuous alternation between theoretical instruction and practical floor work, turned the course into a veritable accelerator. It became a space where one learned as much about historical stylistic genres as about artistic teamwork.

A particular highlight was the collaboration with the musicians from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. They accompanied the theatre students with a string quartet during their experiments and Baroque demos for three days.

Tyylikurssilla Teatterimontussa oli soittamassa TamKin muusikoita


Saana Lavaste
Degree Programme in Directing,
Theatre Academy

Jonne Renvall
Tampere University

Näty tyylikurssina teatterimontussa, barokki