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Go and use new TuniLib and new Andor search services

Published on 14.2.2019
Tampere Universities
Library’s former search services, Tamcat, Tutcat, TAMK Finna and Andor have been available to the customers during transition period, but at the end of February they will be deactivated. So now is the time to begin to use our new search services, TuniLib and the new Andor.

You can easily move your Favourites list from the old service to the new TuniLib by following these instructions.

Connect your library card to Tuni user account

You’ll log in to new services with Tuni user account of Tampere Universities or with the number of your library card.

  • If you have Tuni account, connect your library card to it in TuniLib.
  • If you are not a member of Tampere Universities and you have library cards to different Tampere University Library units, connect them to that library card you mainly use and log in with it to TuniLib.
  • See instructions for connecting the library card

If you borrow or reserve printed books from Tampere University Library’s other units than the one you have used previously (UTA, TUT, TAMK), come to the Library and activate your library card to work also in their collections. Remember to take a photo ID with you.

Information about library collections and customer registers are still in three separate systems, even though you can see them in the same place in TuniLib. The situation will change when we introduce the new library system next year.

If you have not changed the password (pin code) of your library card, the default password is either your family name or number 12345. For data security reasons we recommend that you change the default password to something else on your account in TuniLib as soon as possible.

More information: Heli Vanamo, Online Services Specialist, Heli.Vanamo [at]