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Flagship funding for Photonics Research and Innovation from the Academy of Finland

Published on 9.1.2019
Tampere University
The Academy of Finland has selected four new competence clusters to be funded under its Flagship Programme. The Photonics Research and Innovation flagship coordinated by the new Tampere University will receive more than €8.2 million of flagship funding between 2019 and 2022. The flagship partners will conduct fundamental research in photonics and develop related applications and innovations. The flagship will strengthen the photonics ecosystem in Finland by pooling together the expertise of key stakeholders in the field.

The Academy of Finland has selected four new competence clusters to be funded under its Flagship Programme. One of the newly selected flagships is Photonics Research and Innovation, which is coordinated by Tampere University and involves researchers from the University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. 

Photonics is a growing field

Photonic or light-based technologies are permeating nearly all aspects of our lives. With innovation in photonics booming, the technology is currently utilised in telecommunications, biomedical sciences, energy and environmental engineering, manufacturing technologies and consumer products. The photonics industry has vast growth potential and is expected to generate one million new jobs in Europe by 2030. There are already more than 200 photonics companies in Finland alone.

“The photonics research carried out in Finland has been rated as excellent in several reviews and has spawned new products and businesses. The goal of the Photonics Research and Innovation flagship is to further strengthen this value chain and the national photonics ecosystem made up of key stakeholders in the field,” says Martti Kauranen, Dean at Tampere University. 

The Photonics Research and Innovation flagship pools together the best expertise in photonics in Finland with the aim of enhancing research in the field and developing and commercialising breakthrough technologies. The flagship brings together a broad range of partners seeking to accelerate the effective transfer of research results and the development of innovative products. The flagship is headed by Professor Goëry Genty of Tampere University. 

Please visit the Photonics Research and Innovation Flagship (PREIN) web page for more information.

The Flagship Programme supports high-quality and high-impact research

The other new flagships are the Digital Precision Cancer Medicine Platform (University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital), the flagship Inequalities, Interventions, and New Welfare State (University of Turku and the National Institute for Health and Welfare), and the Finnish Centre for Artificial Intelligence (Aalto University, University of Helsinki and VTT). The two previously selected flagships are FinnCERES, the Competence Centre for the Materials Bioeconomy (Aalto University and VTT), and 6Genesis, the 6G-Enabled Wireless Smart Society & Ecosystem (University of Oulu). With six flagships in total, the programme is now fully allocated. The host organisations of the flagships include six universities, two research institutes and Helsinki University Hospital.

The Academy of Finland’s Flagship Programme is an instrument that promotes world-class and high-impact research that generates expertise for the future and sustainable solutions to societal challenges as well as promotes economic growth by developing new business opportunities. By providing substantial long-term funding, the programme facilitates active collaboration between different actors and the development and expansion of systematic operations.

Please visit the website of the Academy of Finland for more information on the flagships.


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