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Embrace your library during opening week

Published on 3.9.2019
Tampere Universities
During opening week of Tampere Universities 9.-13. September, the library serves with full power and elation. All students and other users of the library, you’re welcome to visit us, check out and participate in our two competitions! By attending, you can get yourself a brand new overall badge of Tampere University Library.


Overall badge hunt: For the festive week, we have hidden our new overall badges in the Library. Explore the library and find yours!
Guess the number of overall badges in a jar: Guess how many badges are in the jar at the library counter. You can also participate in the library's Instagram or Facebook. For the prizes, we have reserved a stack of movie tickets, two of which will go to the right guess and the rest will be drawn between all participants.

You can also drop by or work, ask questions and get help during the festive week. If you don't have time to visit us, you'll always reach us via chat, email or phone. Welcome!
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