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Donors support the creation of the new higher education community

Published on 9.1.2019
Tampere Universities
In 2017–2018, companies supported the creation of the new Tampere higher education community with major donations. The first fundraising campaign of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) also yielded over EUR 2 million.

President Mari Walls from Tampere University and President Markku Lahtinen from Tampere University of Applied Sciences are satisfied with the support the new community has received from businesses and other stakeholders.

“We are really happy that our fundraising campaign succeeded in 2018. The support we have received from the donors is an expression of trust in what we are doing,” Lahtinen says.

At the end of November 2018, the Presidents met with donors and supporters. During the new university’s establishment process in 2017–2018, a targeted fundraising campaign was conducted for companies and communities that are long-term partners and supporters of the university community.
“We are writing the manuscript for the new higher education community, which also includes a chapter on co-operation with our partners. Strengthening the dealings with our partners is of paramount importance,” Walls says.

Vuorineuvos Kari Neilimo who met with business representatives, is happy with the companies’ commitment to the higher education community. The donations are tangible proof of allegiance.

“17 companies and organisations have already seized the opportunity to donate founding capital, for which I am truly delighted,” Neilimo says.

The latest donors include companies and foundations in the industrial, commercial and banking sectors in the Pirkanmaa region including Tampereen Seudun Osuuspankki, YH Kodit, Purso, Pirkanmaan osuuskauppa and Tampereen tuberkuloosisäätiö.

Aleksi Arpiainen, new CEO of Tampere Tivisteteollisuus Oy, explains why they wanted to support the creation of the new higher education community and donated to Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

“We want to do our part to promote co-operation between companies and universities as well as the emergence of an intelligent ecosystem in Pirkanmaa that supports joint experimentation and development for smarter and safer industries. With the donation, we also want to strengthen our versatile co-operation with the Tampere higher education institutions in order to create the best industrial jobs of the future and to innovate and commercialise brand new product and service solutions,” Arpiainen says.

In 2019, fundraising will continue by the new university group that consists of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.
Further information on the donors and donating to Tampere University and TAMK can be found on the new donations page at

Päivi Myllykangas
Director of Stakeholder Engagement
tel. +358 40 743 6417