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Did you know there is an Open Access publisher in your own university?

Published on 19.10.2020
OA week Monday
This week is the international Open Access week. Today's piece focuses on the services provided by your own organization to support Open Access publishing.

Open Access to research outputs is increasingly present in current discussion. This is influenced by both science policy guidelines, the constantly rising costs of e-resource license agreements, and the general change in research culture. For example, in projects funded by the Academy of Finland, research results must be made Open Access in the future. Starting from next year, Open Access publications will also influence the funding of universities: Open Access articles and books will earn more publication points than paywalled articles and books.

Tampere University Press (TUP) offers Tampere University researchers, as well as researchers working in other universities, an opportunity to publish Open Access. TUP publishes peer-reviewed monographs and edited volumes in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Tampere University Press was established already in 1994 on university researchers’ initiative. Within the university community, it is best known in the social sciences and humanities, namely in those disciplines where the publication of research results in book form is much more common than in the medical and natural sciences or the technical sciences. Before the two universities were merged, the dissertations in the University of Tampere Acta Universitatis Tamperensis series were published under the name of Tampere University Press, but after the merger both the name of the dissertation series and the publisher of the series were naturally changed.

TUP was the first Finnish book publisher to adopt the Open Access publishing model five years ago. This change may have led to the misconception that the publisher has closed down. This of course isn’t true, TUP still publishes between six to ten peer-reviewed books per annum.

TUP’s publication guidelines are steered by an editorial board consisting of scholars from different disciplines and different universities. As a non-profit operator, TUP’s goal is to publish high-quality, peer-reviewed works that are immediately available to everyone. Central values include openness, impact, responsibility and diversity.

The books are available for example in the Trepo repository, and print copies can be purchased in online bookstores.

Various services for university staff

Tampere University Press is coordinated by Tampere University Library. In addition, the Library offers other services to support Open Access publishing. The institutional repository Trepo includes separate collections for Doctoral dissertations, Master's theses, self-archived articles, and monographs and series produced within the faculties and research projects.

For example, a researcher looking for a quick outlet for a project report can make use of the Monographs and series section in Trepo. The procedure is easy: just click the link Suggest for publishing and fill in an electronic form on the front page of Trepo. Publications stored in the institutional repository are openly and easily accessible to policy makers, journalists, professionals and the general public without login requests or paywalls.

So, the books published by Tampere University Press are available on the same platform as other Tampere University publications. However, they should not be confused with each other. In the table below, you can see the main differences between these publications. 


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