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Climb continues in applicant numbers for TAMK’s degree programmes in English

Published on 21.1.2021
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Kv-haun kuva
Tampere University of Applied Sciences has a total of 12 degree programmes starting in autumn 2021. Application round for these programmes ended on 20 January 2021 and again a record number of applications was received, 3 276 in total. The corresponding number last year was 2 781 and in 2019 only 2 356. Growth from last application round is nearly 18 %.

Lead in popularity among Bachelor’s degrees goes to an expected duo, International Business (751 applications) and Software Engineering (716 applications). The most popular Master’s degree by far was International Business Management (214 applications), launching a new GrowthMakers study path from autumn 2021. 

- Based on the growing applicant numbers it appears that TAMK's international degree offer is attractive and new offers have been recognised well, comments Päivi Karttunen, Vice President of TAMK Education and Learning Services. 

All degree programmes take in both domestic and international students. In addition to Finns (874 applications) we received applications from a total of 110 countries. 

Application period to TAMK degrees in Finnish language is 17-31 March 2021. 

Further information: Head of Student Recruitment Marjo Korhonen, marjo.korhonen [at] tuni.fitarget="_self" and TAMK Admissions, admissions.tamk [at]