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Cancel any book reservations you have that you do not need - do not return your loans to the library

Published on 8.4.2020
Tampere Universities
Korona Pääsisäismunat
If you have reservations for material that you no longer need, remove the reservation from Andor. Do not return your loans during epidemic. According to the instructions of the Regional State Administrative Agency the material returned to the libraries cannot be processed for two weeks due to the possible risk of infection.

The library system Andor has plenty of reservations. Some of the reservations are already starting to be so-called obsolete in use and it is expected that during the spring semester the material will not move back to the library in the normal way. So if you have reservations that you no longer need, then delete the unnecessary ones. This will facilitate the circulation of material after this crisis situation and streamline the availability of all study material in the future.

The Regional State Administrative Agency has instructed libraries how to process returned material. According to the instructions, we will only process the returned material after a 2-week waiting period. As a result, material returns appear in customer data with a longer delay. We do not recommend returning material to libraries during the epidemic, but we hope that you will not return the material you borrowed until the libraries have opened.

The facilities of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences are temporarily closed as of Wednesday 18 March at least untill 13 May 2020, but preparations will be made to continue the restrictions until the end of the spring semester if it is necessary to curb the spread of the pandemic.

In spite of the closing of the library premises, all of the library's online services will continue to function normally.

This page contains Tampere University Library policies during the corona virus pandemic.