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Bazaar calls for pilot projects

Published on 8.6.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Bazaar is a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform ecosystem and community. The heart of Bazaar is the community, where the members are sharing and combining our knowledge and capabilities to create value with each other through solving problems and challenges of many kinds. As in any platform ecosystem, you can both offer and gain value.

In addition to other types of offerings, Bazaar is also the place to explore and find fascinating R&D and innovation projects, which can improve organisations’ competitiveness and launch innovation challenges for other Bazaar members to resolve.

Bazaar is the solution for the perpetual challenge of finding skilful and motivated partners and initiating collaboration on problem-solving. Bazaar gathers validated and relevant and knowledgeable people from society to pursue this purpose.  

Call for Projects

Would like to share your project and invite others to join? Do you have an innovation challenge to be resolved by the Bazaar community? Could you offer a thesis subject to our students? 

The first version of Bazaar will be launched in early May 2020. We are now looking for users who would like to co-develop Bazaar. If you are willing to use Bazaar and give feedback about it in two short surveys, please contact bazaar-support [at] .

We need your contribution to maximise the initial offering and to develop a superb platform. Let Bazaar, and its community, help you in finding new partnerships.


Best wishes,

Bazaar team