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Authors of best dissertations awarded on opening day

Published on 5.9.2022
Tampere University
Elise Kraatila, Markus Lahikainen ja Kimmo Kraatila saivat Tampereen kaupungin väitöskirjapalkinnot parhaista väitöskirjoista. (Kuva: Jonne Renvall)
Elise Kraatila, Markus Lahikainen and Kimmo Kartasalo were awarded the City of Tampere dissertation award.
The authors of best dissertations and the Publisher of the Year title were awarded on the opening day of the new academic year.

In an awards ceremony organised by the University of Tampere Foundation and the Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology, the Publisher of the Year 2021 title was conferred as were TREY student union’s prizes for the best teachers.

City of Tampere awards three dissertation authors

The City of Tampere’s Research Grant Committee awarded three dissertation authors whose theses were deemed the best at Tampere University in 2021 and which had received the ‘approved with distinction’ grade from a Faculty Council. The prize sum is €5.000.

In the field of technology, Doctor of Science Markus Lahikainen was awarded for his dissertation Advanced Light Control Strategies of Polymer Networks for Soft Robotics in the field of chemistry.

In the field of health, an award was bestowed on Doctor of Science (Technology) Kimmo Kartasalo’s dissertation Machine Learning and 3D Reconstruction Methods for Computational Pathology in the field of biomedical engineering.

In the field of society, the recipient was Doctor of Philosophy Elise Kraatila for her dissertation The Crisis of Representation and Speculative Mimesis: Rethinking Relations between Fiction and Reality with 21st-century Fantasy Storytelling.

The Foundations also awarded all dissertation authors whose dissertations received the grade ‘approved with distinction’ last year. The prize sum is 1.500€ and it was conferred to 23 people.

Publisher of the Year titles conferred to three researchers

Candidates for the Publisher of the Year award were screened from among all the researcher profiles stored in the TUNICRIS Research Information System. The candidates were selected on the basis that they are either doctoral students or recent doctoral graduates and that their researcher profile is professional and up to date.

The aim of these awards is to encourage researchers who have demonstrated they have adopted the culture of open science in their research and publishing activities and have possibly also opened their research data. The have also taken steps to increase the visibility and impact of their research.

The Foundations want to encourage researchers to communicate their research to both the scientific community and the public in line with the principles of scientific publishing. The prize sum is €2.000.

This year, the recipients are Part-time Teacher Nina Savela from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Senior Research Fellow Angela Serra from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Aleksandr Ometov from the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences.