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Audio books are on display in the Library's theme collections and a new audio book e-resource is in use

Published on 11.5.2023
Tampere Universities
Kuulokkeet kirjapinon päällä
Did you know that Tampere University Library collections also have various audio books for use?

The use of audio books has also become more common in higher education studies. Audio books are a convenient way to study or familiarize yourself with new topics when there is no time or opportunity to read. Students can use audiobooks, for example, during long journeys, in the gym or while doing homework. In addition, audiobooks can also be listened to together with other students, for example during group work.

A selection of audio books from the Andor search service has been compiled into theme collections. The books in the selection come from several different services, such as Ellibs, Safari/O'Reilly and Alma Talent Verkkokirjahylly and Alma Talent Bisneskirjasto. You can listen to audiobooks directly in the browser or in the mobile applications of the Ellibs and O'Reilly services.

We have also put together an information package about the library's audio books in our E-resource guide. Among other things, you can find information on how to find audiobooks in Andor or the services' own user interfaces.

The direct link to the theme collection of audiobooks can be found here.

You can find the presentation page of the Theme collections on Andor's homepage, in the Library Information box or directly from this link.

With the help of theme collections, you can delve into various scientific topics and find new information. The library staff is happy to help you find theme collections and use the material.

You can also suggest topics for theme collections and give us feedback:hankinta.kirjasto [at] (hankinta[dot]kirjasto[at]tuni[dot]fi)