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Anyone can support research on the Covid-19 pandemic

Published on 6.5.2020
Tampere University
nainen laboratoriossa nostaa pipettiä
With multidisciplinary research, Tampere University is engaged in the global effort to curb the coronavirus pandemic. Among other things, the University is developing a vaccine against the second wave of the pandemic and, in May 2020, the training of Covid-19 trackers will begin as a collaboration between the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Tampere University and the University of Eastern Finland.

Anyone can support work against the coronavirus by donating money for research. Tampere University has opened a topical donation option for those who want to support research on Covid-19 and the coronavirus specifically.

The spearhead fields at Tampere University are health, technology and society, which is why the University has a wide range of opportunities to produce new knowledge that will increase understanding the coronavirus and help society to recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Tampere University has wide-ranging expertise in fields that are pivotal in the fight against the virus, such as vaccine research, data analytics, health sociology, gerontology, and international health policy.

For example, a social psychological study on European countries led by Professor Atte Oksanen discovered that countries that resemble the Nordic countries – ie. countries with high institutional trust – are the most successful ones in combating the virus.

The Research Group on Environmental Health has joined forces with THL to study the presence of coronavirus markers in wastewater.

Tampere University is also studying the prevention of the coronavirus in Mali, West Africa where – as elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa – the prevention and treatment of the disease is particularly challenging for many reasons. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation granted $1 million for this study.

“In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, multidisciplinary research and extensive co-operation within the world of science are needed,” says Juha Teperi, Vice Rector for Research at Tampere University.
Support the study of Covid-19 and the coronavirus at Tampere University