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Support our multidisciplinary research on the coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic affects us Finns and the entire world population in many ways and on many levels. The effects of the virus are seen in hospitals, homes, workplaces and streets. The crisis is a threat to both health and the economy because it causes severe physiological symptoms as well as loneliness, insecurity, and financial distress. 

tue-koronatutkimusta kuva

Solving complex and wide-ranging phenomena requires multidisciplinary research and collaboration, which is why researchers of health, society and technology have come together.

In all our spearhead fields, we at Tampere University want to be at the forefront of curbing the pandemic and combating the suffering caused by the disease. Our multidisciplinary research collaboration is key to finding ways to determine why the virus is spreading and ensuring the viability of society in the exceptional circumstances. We can assist hospital and municipal staff to develop tools for tracking Covid-19 transmission patterns. Among other things, our university has extensive expertise in vaccine research, health sociology, data analytics, gerontology, and international health policy. Our expertise in educational sciences, youth research and social philosophy highlights the effects of the epidemic on people’s lives.

“Our vision is to use the collaboration between the fields of health, society and technology to produce scientific, commercial, social, and health-promoting breakthroughs. In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, multidisciplinary research and extensive co-operation within the world of science are needed.”
 Juha Teperi, Vice Rector for Research at Tampere University.

Join our support team!

You may donate money to support the work of our researchers and teachers. Money donated to Tampere University’s research on the coronavirus will be used on ongoing and new projects that deal with the virus and Covid-19. The allocation of donated funds is decided by the President of Tampere University in accordance with the principles of fundraising.

This is how to donate

Donate to Tampere University by bank transfer to one of the following bank accounts:

FI24 1782 3000 0144 94, NDEAFIHH
FI35 8214 5710 0216 21, DABAFIHH
FI26 5730 0820 8699 45, OKOYFIHH

Recipient: Tampere University Foundation sr

Please add the following in the message field: donor’s name, contact details and the target of the donation corona

Please note that a deed of donation is needed for all donations of €850 or more. With the deed of donation, we can ensure that your donation is correctly processed for tax deductions. Doanload the deed of donation (finnish-pdf)

Further information

  • Manager, fundraising and partner engagement Elina Suojanen-Laine
    p. 050 5476171
  • Fundraising specialist Mia Simpanen p. 040 1901243
  • donations.tau [at] tuni.ficlass="spamspan"

Tampere University has a fundraising licence. The fundraising licence number is RA/2018/936.

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