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As of 13th of December 2021, the regulations concerning the use of public premises will be complied with in the premises of the Tampere University Library

Published on 10.12.2021
Tampere Universities
Hiljainen lukusali
The Regional State Administrative Agency of Western and Inner Finland instructs the actors responsible for customer and public premises to arrange the use of the premises in such a way that the risk of corona infection caused by close contact between customers, participants and parties can be prevented. The decision is valid in the area of ​​Pirkanmaa Hospital District and Punkalaidun municipalities on 13th of December to 31.12.2021.

The Tampere University Library complies with the regulation by arranging the use of the premises so that the risk caused by close contacts is prevented by safety instructions.

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Precautions to prevent the risk of coronary infection

  • We recommend that all members of the university community and visitors to campuses install and use the Koronavilkku application produced by the Department of Health and Welfare on their mobile phones.
  • Our University community has a strong mask recommendation indoors.
  • A hand sanitizer for customers is available on site.
  • The cleaning of the library's customer premises and the cleaning of the surfaces have been intensified during the pandemic.
  • In the library's premises, close contacts are avoided by instructing a looser use of customer seats.
  • The general spaciousness of the library's premises makes it possible to avoid close contact between customers in normal use.
  • Possible close contacts at customer service points are avoided by instructing customers and following hygiene instructions that are important for health safety.

More Information: kirjasto [at] (kirjasto[at]tuni[dot]fi)