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About me

I am a Senior Scientist in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. I am an Adjunct Professor in Materials Physics and my field of research is the investigation of physicochemical phenomena at surfaces and interfaces, and functionalization of surfaces. 


National research infrastructure: MAX IV Laboratory

My core task as a Senior Scientist is to facilitate the utilization of MAX IV Laboratory (MAX IV) in the research conducted at Tampere University. MAX IV is a synchrotron light source and it is on the Roadmap for Finnish Research Infrastructures. It is located in Lund, Sweden, and operated by the Lund University. The state-of-the-art experimental methods MAX IV offers for materials research are not available in Finland. Using synchrotron light in materials research has applications in a multitude of fields: e.g. photonics, materials for renewable energy, bio- and nanomaterials, and biomedical materials.  

Research time at MAX IV is highly competed for and available via application process. Research time is granted based on the scientific merits of proposals. Finland is committed both financially and politically to supporting MAX IV. In return for the Finnish investments in MAX IV, Finnish researchers have access to national research time at MAX IV in addition to the time granted via general beamtime calls. On a national level, the collaboration with MAX IV is coordinated by the FIMAX-consortium .

My responsibility is to use my expertise and network of experts (e.g. Prof. Mika Valden's group) to work with the research groups at Tampere University and find out how MAX IV can advance their research, successfully compete for research time, co-author successful grant applications on topics utilizing MAX IV, and use the state-of-the-art facilities at MAX IV to produce top-tier science. My goal is to facilitate efficient use of MAX IV's advanced methods and thereby help to increase the future impact of our research and success of our funding applications.

Developing MAX IV research infrastructure

Via Prof. Mika Valden's Surface Science Laboratory, Tampere University is a member of a Finnish-Estonian FIRI-consortium that designed and implemented an entire new MAX IV beamline (FinEstBeaMS) for materials research. Tampere is responsible for implementing a FinEstBeaMS research station for studying surfaces and interfaces of solid state matter, and my responsibility is to coordinate the effort. At present, the research station is being commissioned and the goal is to get it open for users in 2021. 

Providing scientific expertise

In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, I work as a scientific expert for international research funding institutions and conduct my own original research. 

Fields of expertise


I have over 20 years of experience in the experimental research of physicochemical phenomena at surfaces and interfaces. My specialty is the use of synchrotron light mediated photoelectron spectroscopy for elucidating the composition, electronic structure, morphology and reactive properties of solid state surfaces. 


2007-2011 Lecturer in Physics: I was responsible for operating and developing the Physics Department's teaching laboratory. I also lectured a solid state physics course. 

1994-2007 Teacher (Physics): I was the lecturer on several fundamental physics courses and surface science courses. 

I have supervised three M.Sc. Theses and I am currently a second supervisor for a PhD thesis. 

Research topics

Synchrotron, synchrotron radiation, synchrotron light, MAX, MAX IV, surface science, nanomaterials, materials research, physics, chemical physics.