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Mervi Vänskä

University Instructor
Tampere University
phone number+358505099235
City Centre Campus


Responsible teacher in Developmental psychology I and II as well as Orientation to professional practice -courses. Supervising candidate and master's theses. Research related to Miracles of Development (MIDE), Protecting infant development in the toxic environment of war (TOXIC) and
RefugeesWellSchool (RWS) -projects.    

Fields of expertise

My research contributions are in the areas of: 1) mental health and wellbeing in the transition to parenthood and the impact of assisted
reproductive treatment (ART) on it; 2) early psychosocial, medical and toxic risk factors of child development; 3) self-regulation and
psychophysiological stress regulation as underlying mechanisms of child development; and intervention research that aims at enhancing the wellbeing of 4) refugee children and 5) expecting couples and families with small children.