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Mark van Gils

Professor, Digital Healthcare

About me

I work as professor of Digital Healthcare, leading the research group Decision Support for Health. I have over 25 years experience in machine learning, statistics, signal processing, and artificial intelligence methods for health and wellbeing applications. My interest is especially in combining different data sources with algorithms to solve healthcare problems that have an actual impact. Typical applications I have worked on include early diagnostics, patient monitoring, risk assessment, stratification, and treatment planning. The work I do and lead is typically carried out in national (Finnish) and international research projects together with healthcare partners and industry.

Next to my research activities I am supervising PhD and MSc students and taking care of courses Decision Support for Health and Behavioral Health Informatics .     

I am also an adjunct professor at Aalto University, where I take care of the course Signal Processing in Biomedical Engineering


I lead the research group Decision Support for Health, about which you can find more information here .

I also take care of courses (see Section above). Feel free to contact me if you have questions about courses or are interested in, e.g., M.Sc. thesis work.