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About me

I am a principal investigator of the Vitality 90+ Study, which is a multidisciplinary research project on health, functioning, living conditions, quality of life and care needs among the oldest old individuals. My background is in public health and I got my PhD in health sciences in 2017 at the University of Tampere. In my PhD theses, I examined socioeconomic inequalities in health, functioning, mortality and round-the-clock care in people aged 90+. More recently, my research has focused on the societal consequences of lengthening old age. In particular, I have examined time trends in health expectancies and health inequalities and predictors of health and social service use. In addition, I am interested in air temperature-related public health effects such as quality of life, health care use and mortality among older people. 

Main positions of trust

2022- Chair in the Finnish Society for Growth and Ageing Research

2022- Board member in the Nordic Gerontological Federation

2022- Member of the Faculty Council, Tampere University, Faculty of Social Sciences

2020-2021 Board member in Gerontology Research Center

2015-2022 Board member in the Finnish Society for Growth and Ageing Research, A deputy member 2018-2022

2017-2020 Secretary and an accountant in the Nordic Gerontological Federation

2018-2020 Deputy member of the board in the GeroCenter Foundation 

2014-2016 Membership secretary in the Finnish Society for Growth and Ageing Research

Research topics

Health and functioning

Socioeconomic status

Health inequality

Life expectancy

Health expectancy


Health and social care services

Research fields


Health Sciences


Selected publications


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