Kirsi Pauliina Kallio

Professor, (ympäristökasvatus)
Faculty of Education and Culture
| Sub unit: Education

About me

Kirsi Pauliina Kallio is professor of environmental pedagogy at Tampere University. Her research interests form around the human subject as a constantly developing political being with capacities to act, and relational political space that actualizes contextually in the form of communities and societies with various scalar dimensions. Her current interdisciplinary work focuses on refugeeness (as an experienced condition), humanitarian border (as a topological constellation), relational age (from the perspective of youthful political agency and intersubjective spatial socialization) and lived citizenship (in the city-regional scale and as environmental agency). Kirsi is also actively involved in development projects where the perspective of Positive Recognition, based on co-creative research, is put into practice and further developed in different professional contexts. She is part of the Space and Political Agency Research Group (SPARG).