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Fields of expertise

Social work practices in transforming welfare states, face-to-face interaction in social work, home as a place of professional work, marginalisation and social exclusion, homelessness, social constructionism, qualitative research methods, discourse analysis, membership categorisation analysis

Selected publications

Juhila, Kirsi & Ranta, Johanna & Ilmoniemi, Mikko & Mäki, Jenni (2023) Paikastaan siirretyt: Kotipaikan menettäminen ja uuteen kiinnittyminen gentrifikaatioprosessissa [Displaced people: Losing one’s home place and attaching to a new one in the process of gentrification]. In Suvi Raitakari & Timo Harrikari & Marja Hekkala & Minna Kivipelto (eds.) Sosiaalityö kriiseissä ja poikkeuksellisissa olosuhteissa [Social work in crises and exceptional circumstances]. Jyväskylä: SoPhi, 61–91.

Juhila Kirsi (2022) Koti asiakkaan ja työntekijän kohtaamispaikkana [Home as a place of client-worker encounters]. In Suvi Raitakari, Kirsi Günther & Jenni-Mari Räsänen (eds.) Koti, hyvinvointityö ja haavoittuvuus [Home, welfare work and vulnerability]. Tampere: Tampere University Press, 59–84. 

Juhila Kirsi & Holmberg Suvi & Lydahl Doris & Hall Christopher (2022) Observing and Commenting on Clients’ Home Environments in Mobile Support Home Visit Interactions: Institutional Gaze, Normalization and Face-work. Housing, Theory and Society 39(1), 82-97. 

Juhila Kirsi & Raitakari Suvi & Ranta Johanna (2022) Housing First: Combatting Long-term Homelessness in Finland. In Caroline de La Porte, Guðný Björk Eydal, Jaakko Kauko, Daniel Nohrstedt, Paul ‘t Hart & Bent Sofus Tranøy (eds.) Successful Public Policy in the Nordic Countries: Cases, Lessons, Challenges. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 495–513. 

Juhila Kirsi & Hansen Löfstrand Cecilia & Ranta Johanna (eds) (2021) Home- and Community-Based Work at the Margins of Welfare: Balancing between Disciplinary, Participatory and Caring Approaches. Social Inclusion, special issue 9(3).

Juhila Kirsi & Dall Tanja & Hall Christopher & Koprowska Juliet (eds.) (2021) Interprofessional Collaboration and Service User Participation: Analysing Meetings in Welfare. Bristol: Policy Press.Juhila Kirsi & Dall Tanja & Hall Christopher & Koprowska Juliet (eds.) (2021) Interprofessional Collaboration and Service User Participation: Analysing Meetings in Welfare. Bristol: Policy Press.

Juhila Kirsi & Ranta Johanna & Raitakari Suvi & Banks Sarah (2021) Relational Autonomy and Service Choices in Social worker-Client Conversations in an Outpatient Clinic for People Using Drugs. British Journal of Social Work 15(1), 170–186.

Juhila Kirsi & Hansen Löfstrand Cecilia & Raitakari Suvi (2021) Devoted work without limits? Activities and premises of home visit work at the margins of community care. International Journal of Care and Caring 5(2), 247–262.

Juhila Kirsi & Raitakari Suvi & Hall Christopher (eds.) (2017) Responsibilisation at the Margins of Welfare Services. London: Routledge. 

Jokinen Arja, Juhila Kirsi & Suoninen Eero (2016) Diskurssianalyysi: Teoriat, peruskäsitteet ja käyttö. Tampere: Vastapaino.

Juhila Kirsi & Hall Christopher & Raitakari Suvi (2016) Interaction During Mental Health Floating Support Home Visits: Managing Host-Guest and Professional-Client Identities in Home-spaces. Social and Cultural Geography 17(1), 101–119.

Juhila Kirsi & Kröger Teppo (eds.) (2016) Siirtymät ja valinnat asumispoluilla [Transitions and Choices in Housing Pathways]. Jyväskylä: SoPhi.

Juhila Kirsi & Günther Kirsi & Raitakari Suvi (2015) Negotiating Mental Health Rehabilitation Plans: Joint Future Talk and Clashing Time Talk in Professional Client Interaction. Time & Society 24(1), 5-26.

Juhila Kirsi & Hall Christopher & Günther Kirsi & Raitakari Suvi & Saario Sirpa (2015) Accepting and Negotiating Service Users’ Choices in Mental Health Transition Meetings. Social Policy & Administration 49(5), 612-630.

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Hansen Löfstrand Cecilia & Juhila Kirsi (2012) The Discourse of Consumer Choice in the Pathways Housing First Model. European Journal of Homelessness 6(2), 47-68.

Jokinen Arja, Juhila Kirsi & Suoninen Eero (2012) Kategoriat, kulttuuri ja moraali – johdatus kategoria-analyysiin [Categories, Culture and Moral Order – Introduction to Categorisation Analysis]. Tampere: Vastapaino.

Hjörne Eva & Juhila Kirsi & van Nijnatten Carolus (2010) Negotiating Dilemmas in the Practices of Street-level Welfare Work (guest editorial). International Journal of Social Welfare 19(3), 303-309.

Juhila Kirsi (2006) Sosiaalityöntekijöinä ja asiakkaina. Sosiaalityön yhteiskunnalliset tehtävät ja paikat [As Social Workers and Clients. The Societal Functions and Places of Social Work]. Tampere: Vastapaino.  

Juhila Kirsi (2004) Talking Back to Stigmatised Identities. Negotiation of Culturally Dominant Categorizations in Interviews with Shelted Residents. Qualitative Social Work (3)3, 259-275.

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