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Katri Eeva

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

About me

Dr Katri Eeva (DPhil, Oxford) is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Faculty of Education and Culture. She researches policy dynamics at the intersection of education, public policy and politics in the context of the European Union, and she currently works in the Research Council of Finland funded project Transnational knowledge networks in higher education policymaking. She is interested in the governing of European education and has worked on topics of knowledge politics, policy networks, EU policy instrumentation as well as benchmarks and indicators used in education policy-making. She holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford and she previously worked at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Katri Eeva was a visiting scholar at the Department of Political Science of Carleton University in Canada (Spring 2023), and she is currently a visiting scholar at the Centre for European Studies of the University of Helsinki.

Selected publications

Sorensen, T. B., & Eeva, K. (2024). Re-articulating the form of the political: Contemporary education governance in the European Union. Introduction to the Special Issue. European Educational Research Journal, 0(0). 

Eeva, K. (2021). Governing through consensus? The European Semester, soft power and education governance in the EU. European Educational Research Journal. 

Eeva, K. (2019). The EU’s european semester: soft power and knowledge in the governing of education [PhD thesis]. University of Oxford. 

Ertl, H. & Eeva, K. (2018). Research on Higher Education and Europeanization, in: Teixeira, P. & Shin, J. (eds.), Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions (Dorderecht: Springer).