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Jussi Hernesniemi

Professor, Cardiology

About me

I lead the research group of clinical cardiology in Tampere University. The main areas of expertise in for our group are in management of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter and the prediction of serious adverse events such as sudden cardiac death and stroke among patients with coronary artery disease.

I have a strong background in basic research in cardiovascular genetics (the topic of my thesis) and using mass data and machine learning in predicition models.

 In clinical medicine, my focus is in interventional cardiology but my clinical work also entails general cardiology.


As a professor of cardiology my main responsibilities are:

Coordination of clinical teaching of medical students and specializing physicians in cardiology

Leading clinical research in cardiology in Tampere University

Top achievements

The winner of the Soisalo award in 2020 granted by the Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research. The award is granted for a young prominent Finnish cardiovascular researcher once every two years.

Selected publications