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Jonathan Massera

Professor, (biomaterials)

About me

The group led by Prof. Massera focus on bioceramics with an emphasis on bioactive glasses for bone and soft tissue regeneration. The aim is to develop new bioactive glasses, in the form of granules, scaffold and fibers. The developed materials have the ability to release ions of therapeutic interest and to control the fate of stem cells. The newly developed bioceramics are introduced in gels (hybrids biomaterials) or synthetic polymer (composites) in view of providing new graft for hard and soft tissue regeneration. Lately, the group has developed new biophotonic materials enabling the use of light to sense and treat infection while maintaining their bioactive properties and/or allow in-vivo imaging of the tissue engineered grafts.


Head of the Bioceramics, Bioglasses and Biocomposites group

Director of the International MSc degree in BMSE

Fields of expertise

Our mission is to develop new synthetic materials for soft and hard tissue regeneration. The main focus is on bioactive and bioresorbable glasses and polymer/bioceramics composites. Materials are processed into, frits, bulks, fibers or scaffolds depending on the intended application: i.e. bone, cartilage or nerve regeneration. 

Top achievements

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow appointed by the Academy of Finland

Academy Research Fellow appointed by the Academy of Finland

Selected publications

10 major publications:

“New Generation of Hybrid Materials Based on Gelatin and Bioactive Glass Particles for Bone Tissue Regeneration”, A. Houaoui, A. Szczodra, M. Lallukka, L. El-Guermah, R. Agniel, E. Pauthe, J. Massera, M. Boissière, Biomolecules, 11 (2021) 444

“Phosphate/oxyfluorophosphate glass crystallization and its impact on dissolution and cytotoxicity”, A. Nommeots-Nomm, A. Houaoui, A. Pradeepan Packiyanathar, X. Chen, M. Hokka, R. Hill, E. Pauthe, L. Petit, M. Boissière, J. Massera, Materials Science and Engineering C, 117 (2020) 111269

“Materials and Orthopedic Applications for Bioresorbable Inductively Coupled Resonance Sensors”, A. Palmroth, T. Salpavaara, P. Vuoristo, S. Karjalainen, T. Kääriäinen, S. Miettinen, J. Massera, J. Lekkala, M. Kellomäki, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12 (2020) 31148-31161

“Dissolution, bioactivity and osteogenic properties of composites based on polymer and silicate or borosilicate bioactive glass”, A. Houaoui, I. Lyyra, R. Agnel, E. Pauthe, J. Massera, M. Boissière, Materials Science and Engineering C, 107 (2020) 110340

“Novel borosilicate bioactive scaffolds with persistent luminescence”, P. Roldán Del Cerro, H. Teittinen, I. Norrbo, M. Lastusaari, J. Massera, L. Petit, Biomedical Glasses, 6 (2020) 1-9.

“Core-clad phosphate glass fibers for biosensing”, A. Mishra, F. Désévédavy, F. Smektala, J. Massera, Materials Science and Engineering C, 96 (2019) 458-465. 

“Wood-Based Nanocellulose and Bioactive Glass Modified Gelatin-Alginate Bioinks for 3D Bioprinting of Bone Cells”, M. Ojansivu, A. Rashad, A. Ahlinder, J. Massera, A. Mishra, K. Syverud, A. Finne-Wistrand, S. Miettinen, K. Mustafa, Biofabrication, 11 (2019) 035010.

“Surface reactivity and silanization ability of borosilicate and Mg-Sr-based bioactive glasses”, S. Ferraris, A. Nommeots-Nomm, S. Spriano, E. Vernè, J. Massera, Applied Surface Science, 475 (2019) 43-55. 

“The effect of S53P4-based borosilicate glasses and glass dissolution products on the osteogenic commitment of human adipose stem cells”, M. Ojansivu, A. Mishra, S. Vanhatupa, M. Juntunen, A. Larionova, J. Massera, S. Miettinen, PlosOne, 13 (2018) e0202740

"Persistent Luminescent Particles Containing Bioactive Glasses: Prospect Toward Tracking in-vivo Implant Mineralization using Biophotonic ceramics”, M. Saarinen, A. Nommeots-Nomm, M. Hokka, J. Laurila, I. Norrbo, M. Lastusaari, J. Massera, L. Petit, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, 38 (2018) 287-295.