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About me

Johanson is a professor of Administrative Science and Director of the research group. Previously, he has been professor of public financial management at University of Tampere and Research Manager at the University of Helsinki. His academic output cover some 100 pieces of published research.

Johanson's current research interests deal with the examination of hybridity and strategy formation in government. Johanson's other areas of research activity include examination of public policies in the social and health policy domain and in the scrutiny of pension policies. In addition, he has studied the aspects of performance in work teams and features of projectified governance.

Relational emphasis and network thinking signify cross-cutting themes of his research.

Research topics

Hybrid governance, strategy formation, teams, project management, social and health policy, pension policy, government reforms

Research unit

Faculty of Management and Business

Research fields

Public administation, Public policy, hybridity, strategic management

Latest publications