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FAQ - Networks

Tampere University and TAMK

TUNI-STAFF network does not work on my TUNI computer, what can I do?

Try the following tips before contacting the IT Helpdesk

  • In the list of wireless networks in the lower right corner of your TUNI computer, right-click TUNI-STAFF and select "Forget". Wait a moment and see if TUNI-STAFF works.
  • Open the TUNI Tools folder on the desktop of your computer and double-click the "Fix-TUNIManagedWifi" file. Wait a moment and see if TUNI-STAFF works.

eduroam or network does not work. What can I do?

Try these tips before contacting IT Helpdesk

  • If you have changed the password for your account, please use geteduroam application to change the eduroam and network password of your device. Read more at Wireless networks eduroam and
  • Make sure you log in to eduroam and using your TUNI email account.
  • Check that your password is still functional and input correctly
  • You can remove eduroam and settings from your device, in order to input your settings again in case of mistake. Optionally you can use geteduroam application to configure your settings


TUNI-GUEST network is not working, what can I do?

Try the following before contacting IT Helpdesk:

  • Remove the TUNI-GUEST settings saved on your device and reconnect to the network. 
  • If your network connection does not work even though the TUNI-GUEST setting is ’Connected’, cut the connection to the network and try to deploy it again.
  • When connecting to the TUNI-GUEST network, you can usually choose the setting “remember network”. This setting may have an effect on network operation.
  • Your wireless device may be using a property called “MAC address randomization”. In case of problems, turn it off.

The wireless network does not work, what can I do? 

Please try the following before contacting the IT Helpdesk: 

  • Did you switch on the wireless connection of your device? On some devices, there is a physical switch for switching on the wireless connection. When signal bars in the Wifi icon are displayed, the wireless connection is switched on. 
  • If your password has expired, you can request the device to first forget the network and then join it again. This allows you to enter a new password. 
  • If you have changed the password for your account, please use geteduroam application ( to change the eduroam and network password of your device.If your device does not ask for your new password, remove settings for eduroam and networks in your device and run the geteduroam application again.
  • If above fails, use the eduroam CAT application( instead.
  • Make sure to use ending when logging in. You can log in to eduroam and using either your email address or your tuni account. 
  • Do you wish to make eduroam network settings for the TUNI-account yourself? Use this configuration:
    • Authentication method: WPA2 Enterprise
    • Username: firstname.lastname [at] (or firstname.x.lastname [at]
    • Anonymous username: anonymous
    • Encryption: AES
    • EAP-method: PEAP
    • EAP-PEAP-tunneling method: EAP-MSCHAPv2
    • Download and install server authentication certificate:
  • Would you like to check the authenticity of the access control server of eduroam or network? Please find all required information at

Contact the IT Helpdesk if the connection problem continues. Please provide the following information to the IT Helpdesk to get assistance quicker: 

  • What does not work or succeed? 
  • In which location does the problem appear? 
  • When does the problem appear? Date, time? 
  • When did it work the last time? 
  • Which device is in question (a laptop maintained by the IT Services, your own device, something else)? 
  • If you know the MAC address (hardware address) of the device, please let us know it too! 

How can I connect my TUNI computer to the network? 

The wireless network works automatically on all TUNI laptops. In addition, a cable connection is available if needed. You should mention the need of a cable connection when ordering a new computer. 


How can I connect my own computer or a research instrument to the network? 

Wireless networks are highly recommended for users’ own devices. Eduroam and are available. TUNI-GUEST is meant for visitors for short-term usage. It requires re-login after 12 hours.

Research instruments and users’ own devices intended for a longer period of use can be connected to the University network if required. Please see instructions on ordering a cable connection below. 

How can I connect my mobile device to the wireless network?

You can enable wireless connections in your mobile devices wifi settings, Windows workstations Action Center(lower right corner of Desktop), or by using Wi-Fi icon in Apple laptops Menu bar.
We recommend using eduroam networks

What is the throughput of cable network?

Desktops are provided mostly with 1 Gbps connections. Some areas may still have 100 Mbps.
Campus network and campus internet connections are noticeably faster, and symmetric. 


Availability of wlan on campuses

  • Main campus: all premises 
  • Kauppi campus: all premises 
  • Porin campus: all premises 
  • Hervanta campus: all premises 
  • Facilities of the TTY support foundation: Tahkovuori and Saariselkä 
  • TAMK campus: all premises 
  • Mediapolis: TAMK premises 

How can a visitor join the network? 

Visitors can join the wireless networks. Please find further information at the instruction page of the wireless networks. Also the Guest network are available if needed. Wired connections for guests are not available.

How do the services work on different campuses? 

The centrally managed laptops of the TUNI connect to TUNI-STAFF automatically and the common services of the staff are available on all campuses. 

In addition, the cable networks of the campuses support the common services of the TUNI. A common service can be identified by or ending instead of the former, or endings. 

The old services of the campuses are campus specific. These services are only available using a VPN connection. 

We are currently combining services and making them easier to use. However, it takes time to combine the services so patience from the users’ side is appreciated. 


I need more network sockets, what should I do? 

Contact the IT Helpdesk. Please provide the following information to the IT Helpdesk to get assistance quicker: 

  • Campus, building and room number in which the network socket is needed 
  • If there are free network sockets in the room, what are their names? 
  • Are the new devices maintained by the IT Services? What are their names? 
  • If the devices are not maintained by the IT Services, what devices are in question? 

A network socket does not work? 

Before contacting the IT Helpdesk, please try the following: 

  • Check the connections between the computer and the network socket. On laptops, it is recommended to use the network connection of the docking station so that you do not need to connect the cable each time. 
  • Try using another network cable if one is available. 
  • Try another network socket. 
  • Restart your computer. 

Contact the IT Hepldesk if you cannot establish a network connection. Please be prepared to provide the following information: 

  • Campus, building and room number 
  • The names/labels of the inoperative sockets (visible above the socket) 
  • Is the device maintained by the IT Services? What is the name of the device? 
  • If the device is not maintained by the IT Services, what device is in question? 
  • Is the link light next to the network cable socket on? 
  • Does the network work partially? What does not work? 
  • When did this problem occur? 
  • When did the connection work the last time? 
  • What is the connection speed of the cable connection? 

The connection speed is normally 1 Gbit/s. Network devices of 100 Mbit/s speeds are still in use in some areas. Internet connections and connections between campuses are faster than this. 


IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 31.1.2019
Updated: 14.12.2023