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Equipment upgrades for the network of main campuses

Tampere University and TAMK

Wireless network upgrades

Wireless network base stations are being renewed floor by floor, and their replacement will not cause noticeable inconvenience to users. Please find below a list of sites where it has been decided to begin the updates based on an impact assessment.

  • City centre campus
    • Virta
    • Linna
    • Päätalo
    • Pinni B
  • Hervanta campus
    • Tietotalo
    • Kampusareena
    • Päärakennus
  • TAMK
    • Mediapolis


At the beginning of the project, a few smaller entities will be piloted, after which we will begin to make the improvements at full speed one building at a time. The estimated timetable for the project is the following:

  • Spring/summer 2023:
    • City centre, Virta (floors 1-2)
    • Hervanta, Tietotalo (floor 2)
  • Autumn 2023
    • City centre, Virta (rest of the floors)
    • Hervanta, Tietotalo (rest of the floors)
  • Spring/summer 2024
    • City centre, Päätalo
    • (site X)
    • (site X)

Completed sites

  • Teacher Training School, Nekala
  • TUNI premises in UCS Seinäjoki
  • City centre, Virta
  • Hervanta, Päärakennus (floors 3-6)

Wired network upgrades

In wired networks, upgrades will be made one cross-connection point at a time, meaning a certain part of a building defined by the catchment area. Each update will be communicated with its own Intranet news item, specifying the possible disruptions that may affect the users. Please find below a list of the upcoming fixed network upgrade days, which will be specified further:

Completed upgrades:

  • TAMK main campus, G-building (spring 2023)
  • TAMK Mediapolis (summer 2023)

Upcoming upgrades:

  • TAMK main campus, replacement of the older equipment all around the main campus (autumn/winter 2023 - 2024)

We will update both lists as we get more information on the order of the upgrades and the estimated timetable.

IT Helpdesk
tel. 0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 22.3.2023
Updated: 17.11.2023