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Creating Teams workspace

Tampere University and TAMK

Requirements of the Teams workspace
Creating from the template
Automatic management of members

Teams workspaces (former TUNI Groups) are created in Teams application from January 15, 2024.

Teams wporkspaces can be created using four different templates:

  • Other – same as the former Basic group (recommended)
  • Class - same as former Education group (recommended)
  • Professional Learning (PLC) – intended for teachers' collaboration

Staff – intended for teamwork, where one person leads the work

Templates define the properties of the Teams workpsace to be created.

More information about the differences between templates can be found on Microsoft's website Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support


Requirements of the Teams workspaces

  • at least 2 owners

  • the name may be a maximum of 60 characters and may not contain capital letters or special characters

You can create a new workspace using a template or an existing group (old Classic Teams).


Creating from the template

Templates define the properties of the Teams workspace to be created.

  1. Teams workspace are created from the Teams view of the Teams application. Click the + sign in the Teams column at the top and select Create team from the menu that opens

  2. Select From template

  3. After that, you will see supported templates

    We recommend using the options Other and Class.

    The Other template is the same as the old Basic group. Basic groups are intended for temporary work and projects. Going forward we will no longer have permanent groups, so this will also replace the Organization group. Group owners control settings and membership.

    The Class template is the same as the old Education group. It is intended to support teaching, to share teaching material and assignments, and as a discussion channel for students and teachers. It uses a different team space, i.e. the class team space.

    The Professional Learning template is intended for educators who collaborate in a professional learning community. Examples: an academic department, a class group, or a group working toward a common goal. All trainers have equal read and write rights. This is very similar to the old basic group, but it is also said to be suitable for cooperation in professional learning communities.

    The Staff template is intended for front-line employees. Managers are team owners and add others as team members. Owners control group posting settings. Members have write rights only in certain areas. Special feature: Staff Notebook.

    More information about templates can be found on Microsoft's website Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Support

  4. Select the desired template and click Use this template.

  5. Do you want the new team to be Private or Public?
    More information: Workspace accessibility

  6. Fill in the fields Teams name and Description.
    The name of the groups is always automatically prefixed with TG, so that the groups can be identified e.g. in the address book. The name can be a maximum of 60 characters. You may not use apostrophes or special characters in the name of Tuni Groups, as they are automatically removed from both the group's email address and url address. After creation, you can change the name of the group, but not the e-mail and url address. The change of e-mail and url address is done via it-helpdesk.

  7. Finally, click Create.

Note! Creating from an existing group doesn't work yet in the new Teams, but it works through the old Classic Teams.

Automatic management of members in organisation-type Teams workspace

In organisation-type groups, memberships can be formed and maintained automatically if the group members consist of people from a specific unit, profit centre, or faculty. In this case, new or removed people are automatically updated in the group. No individual members or external visitors other than from the selected unit, profit centre, or faculty can be added to the group. In those cases, the group owners must maintain group membership information.

If you want the members of the Teams workspace you have subscribed to be automatically updated, please contact the IT Helpdesk. In the request, state the name of the Teams workspace and the unit/profit centre/faculty information whose members are to be included in the workspace.

IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at] (it-helpdesk[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Published: 9.1.2024
Updated: 18.1.2024