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Professor of Political Science

Fields of expertise

Elite study

Power structures of the Finnish society

Governance of energy policy

Main positions of trust

International Political Science Association: RC Political Elites, member of the board

Research topics

Elite study: recruitment, cohesion, interaction networks, attitudes between the elites and the citizenry

Governance of energy policy:; decision-making, power wielding, the role of consumer-citizens, political consumerism, stealth democracy

Research unit

Faculty of Economy and Business (MAB)

Research fields

Political Science

Selected publications

Kojo, Matti, Ruostetsaari, Ilkka, Valta, Jussi, Aalto, Pami & Järventausta, Pertti (2022), From Acceptability and Acceptance to Active Behavioral Support: Engaging the General Public in the Transition of the Electric Energy System in Finland. In: Farid, Karimi & Rodi Michael (eds.), Energy Transition in the Baltic Sea Region. Understanding Stakeholder Engagement and Community Acceptance. London: Routledge, 111-134. Doi: 10.4324/9781032003092-10.

Fragmentation of the Inner Circle: Circulation of the Finnish Elites in 1991-2021. Scandinavian Political Studies (2021). DOI: 10.1111/1467-9477.12220.

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The Case of Finland. International Journal of Economy, Energy and Environment 2018; 3(3), 21-31. Doi:

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