Emma Raitoharju

Academy Research Fellow
| Sub unit: Clinical Medicine
Emma Raitoharju

About me

I have worked in Tampere University/University of Tamperen since 2008. Most of my career, icluding my PhD thesis I have doen in the study group of Clinical Chemistry, but in September 2021 I started acting as the PI of the research group of Molecular Epidemiology. In the start of my career I studied the genetics alterations, that predisposes individuals for atherosclerosis and myocardial infarctions. I continued my research with investigation of gene expression in the atherosclerotic plaque, but became soon focused in the associations between epigenetic profiles and cardiometabolic diseases. Most of my career I have worked with non-coding RNAs, especially miRNAs, and their profiling from human population samples. Form larger research question I am currenlty interested in Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) hypothesis and hopefully in the future I can also focus my researh on investigation of trangenerational inheritance of aquired traits through epigenetic mechanisms.

I work with population cohorts and utilize epidemiological approach in my research. For the last decade majority of my research has been conducted on the lognitudinal and multigenerational The Young Finns Study ( Although I have background in molecular biology, most of my work and the work of my study group is based on bioinformatics.