Elina Mäkinen

Associate Professor, New Social Research
Faculty of Management and Business
| Sub unit: Business Studies
Elina Mäkinen

About me

I am an organizational sociologist and my research focuses on knowledge production in academic institutions and collaborative dynamics at different professional and disciplinary boundaries. I work at Tampere University as an Associate Professor (tenure track) affiliated with the Faculty of Management and Business and the New Social Research program. I have a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Helsinki and a PhD in organization studies from Stanford University. I am a docent in the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Helsinki.

My current research agenda delves into two areas: 1) how heterogeneous groups of knowledge workers interact and collaborate across disciplinary and professional boundaries and 2) how knowledge production and careers in academia are affected by external pressures to change, such as interdisciplinarity and academic entrepreneurship. I have studied sub-disciplinary struggles in anthropology, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams in the health and life sciences, the organization and management of interdisciplinary research, and academic entrepreneurship and the creation of life science and health tech innovations. I have published my research, for instance, in Management Learning, Science, Technology, & Human Values, Science as Culture, and Minerva: A Review of Science, Learning and Policy.