Elina Mäkinen

Associate Professor, New Social Research
Faculty of Management and Business
| Sub unit: Business Studies
Elina Mäkinen

About me

I am an Associate Professor (tenure track) in the Faculty of Management and Business and the New Social Research program at Tampere University, Finland. I am an organizational researcher specializing in new modes of knowledge production in universities and knowledge translation at the boundary of academia and industry. I rely on qualitative methods and longitudinal research designs.

Specifically, my research agenda focuses on the organization of and the engagement in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in different contexts. I approach these topics from the perspective of university leadership as well as from the perspective of heterogeneous teams engaging in collaboration at varied professional and disciplinary boundaries. I also study how academic scientists and healthcare practitioners become entrepreneurs and how they navigate this professional transition.

I have a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Helsinki and a PhD in organization studies from Stanford University. My dissertation detailed the evolution of a transdisciplinary research center in the fields of medicine and life sciences by analyzing the opportunities and challenges for knowledge production in transdisciplinary teams.