Dalia Milián Bernal

Doctoral Researcher
Faculty of Built Environment
| Sub unit: Architecture

About me

I am a doctoral researcher and lecturer in the School of Architecture, Faculty of the Built Environment at Tampere University. My current research focuses on the appropriation and transformation of vacant and abandoned urban spaces in the context of Latin America. I am particularly interested in understanding how diverse urban activists strive for and enable societal change through the transformation of urban space. My research interests include the social production of space, critical urban theory, urban activism and urbanization in Latin America. 

In addition, I am the co-founder of the blog Interrogativa, a platform that brings together and gives voice to women interested in questioning the urban processes that aggravate the social fragmentation and injustices of our cities and that contribute to the depletion of the natural environment. 


At the moment, I am a doctoral researcher, co-coordinating teacher of the multidisciplinary course Urban Activism, and the coordinating teacher of Sustainable Architecture, and part of the teaching corps of Planning Theory II. Since 2019, I coordinate of the IFHP Urban Planning and Design Summer School in Finland