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About me

Professor of occupational health, PhD (Work physiology)


Head of the international master´s program Public and Global Health. Teaching occupational health and work ability related items in different courses. Head of the occupational health research group.

Fields of expertise

I have extensive experiences in aging research through studies in ergonomics, work physiology as well as occupational gerontology. I´m especially well published in the field of aging and work by written numerous scientific articles and chapters.  

Main areas of expertise are occupational health, aging and work, occupational gerontology, strain at work, work ability and promotion of health and work ability, ergonomics, occupational epidemiology

Project links

Top achievements

Fellow of the International Ergonomics Society (IEA).

Main positions of trust

Past president of the Finnish as well as the Nordic Ergonomics Societies and past secretary of the European Federation of Ergonomics Societies. I have chaired the technical committee´s on Aging in the International Ergonomics Association (IEA) and the International Committee´ of Occupational Health (ICOH). I have been chair of organizing committee`s in several international scientific conferences.

Research unit

Occupational health