TUNI Sign - digital signature service

TUNI Sign is a digital signature service employed since 2020 by Tampere university community for electronic signing of documents. It is used as the principal signature tool of the university community that constitutes of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Electronic signature is a juridically binding way to sign agreements and documents. As an advanced electronic signature complying with the legislation (EU 910/2014, 26th article and Finland 2009/617 VahvL), TUNI Sign electrically secures the identity of the signatory, and the information which individualises the person is attached to the document so that one cannot later change it unnoticed.

When you receive an e-mail from the Tampere university community with a signature request

  1. Open your email and log in with the code from the email message ('Login - Confirm invitation identifier')
  2. Request a PIN code to your mobile phone ('Send new code')
  3. Log in with the PIN code (‘Identify’)
  4. Open the document and check the content 
  5. If the content is correct, approve the document (‘Approve’)