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Teemu Ruohonen: International Business studies were the best possible language immersion

Published on 16.11.2020
updated on 5.8.2021
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Business and Media
Degree Programme in International Business
Teemu Ruohonen
Teemu Ruohonen applied for TAMK’s Degree Programme in International Business because he wanted to test his English language skills and gain competence for international work. Teemu is now completing his practical training at Y-Kampus where he among other things does his dream job, marketing.

Who are you?

I am Teemu Ruohonen, 25 years old. I come from Ylöjärvi. I am studying in TAMK’s Degree Programme in International Business for the third year, in other words business administration in English. 

My normal leisure activities have been on a break because of the corona epidemic. I have however found some new hobbies, such as amateur photography. I have also read more books than earlier.

What attracted you to TAMK and International Business studies?

I applied for many different places but TAMK interested me most and was the natural choice as regards its location. By choosing International Business I wanted to benefit from studying in the English language – it is easier to have an international job when you can demonstrate your ability to work in a foreign language. I had also wanted to test my language skills for a long time.

What is studying International Business like?

During the first year, we studied entrepreneurship skills. The studies included planning and implementation of a virtual enterprise. We also had the chance to try entrepreneurship in practice at a trade event for students. It was a good way of testing personal negotiation, sales and purchase skills.

From the second year forward, we chose a specialisation. I chose marketing. The studies also include languages and free-choice studies. 

The best in the studies is the group’s atmosphere – we are a close-knit and approachable team where all can be themselves. It is also great that study modules can be chosen based on personal interests.

How is internationality visible in studies?

Our group has students from many countries, for example France, Russia and China. It is great to be in a multicultural environment. It brings richness to work. Different viewpoints and ways of working have sometimes caused confusion in group work but discussion has always helped. Such situations are good for learning intercultural communication skills.

An exchange period also brings internationality into the studies. Our group’s exchanges were cancelled due to the corona situation. I was already in exchange earlier but many of my friends were disappointed as they were looking forward to the exchange.

How has practical training been?

The third year includes a five-month practical training. I am completing it at Y-Kampus, which offers entrepreneurship and innovation events, studies and workshops at Tampere Universities campuses. One of my most important practical training assignments is to build marketing automation, that is to build an automated message service to disseminate information to students interested in entrepreneurship. My other assignments include feedback processing, social media updates and external communication on Y-Kampus’ values and message. 

Practical training has given me a lot. In a real workplace (and a great team) my skills have strengthened and my conception of entrepreneurship has widened. The practical training has also been rewarding from the viewpoint of marketing. Marketing automation and digital marketing are good skills as they can be done everywhere, also remotely. I believe that the practical training offers good qualifications for working life, whatever I will do.

What plans do you have for future?

Marketing, advertising and sales have been my cup of tea and I would like to work with them in the future, too. Before entering working life, I still intend to complete a master’s degree in a university. Then I hope to find a good workplace.

What would you like to say to those thinking about applying for International Business?

It is worth thinking about how you see the field, whether it suits you and what in it interests you the most. It helps in choosing the studies later. If you are interested in developing your language skills, International Business is surely the best possible language immersion. It is possible to come a long way with an open and receptive mind. 


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