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ECIU - the European Consortium of Innovative Universities

Tampere University is a member of the ECIU University. The ultimate goal of ECIU University project is to establish a true European University where learners, researchers, business, public organizations and citizens are enabled to create relevant innovative solutions for real life challenges with real societal impact. On this page you can find information on how ECIU can benefit you as a partner or as a student.

Engage in solving real life challenges

ECIU is all about solving real-life, real-time challenges.

As a partner, you can propose a challenge for our students and lifelong learners to solve. This provides you with an opportunity to find solutions to the most pressing current issues within social, economic, and environmental challenges.

As a student or a lifelong learner, you can solve these challenges. This allows you to work in a multidisciplinary international setting and experiment with problem-solving skills, develop innovative competences and find practical solutions.

ECIU for partners

Local Partnership Arena

The ECIU and its members have close ties to local businesses, SME's, NGO’s and the regions. Participation provides you with an opportunity to find solutions to the most pressing current issues within social, economic, and environmental challenges. One way to participate is by joining our Local Partnership Arena. 

Local Partnership Arena is a forum where the contemporary challenges for the advancement of a future viable society are sourced, discussed, refined and eventually posted as defined challenge-based learning opportunities for ECIU students. The Local Partnership Arenas are built on quadruple-helix settings, involving private, public, as well as civic partners, and academia.

You can send your inquiries about Local Partnership Arena (Tampere) to Director Pauli Kuosmanen.

Read more about Local Partnership Arenas and get to know other ways to participate

Propose challenges

Propose a challenge that is relevant for your organisation, market, or society-at-large. The interdisciplinary and international teams might provide you with an entirely novel solution.

Develop micro courses

Help to design and create new micro courses (micro modules) in collaboration with our university staff.

Participate in challenges

Join international and interdisciplinary teams that work with challenges and give your effort.

ECIU for students and lifelong learners

Taking part in ECIU is a unique opportunity to gain relevant skills for your future, develop ideas in an international environment and get in contact with business companies and public organisations. ECIU offers a broad range of international opportunities for university students and lifelong learners. If you are eager to create value in an area of interest and want to have an innovative experience, join our challenges. You don't have to study at Tampere University to join the challenges.

Explore ways to participate on ECIU website
Information for University students on Student's handbook

Engage in solving real life challenges

  • Work in multidisciplinary and international teams.
  • Engage with business companies and societal partners across Europe.
  • Tackle local, national and global problems with a help of a novel, challenge-based learning model.

Watch a Youtube video about how challenge based learning means in practise

Join micro-modules

  • Fill in the skill and knowledge gap in a particular area, for example, energy and sustainability, circular economy.
  • Develop transversal skills, for example, intercultural communication.
  • Learn foreign languages.

About ECIU

ECIU is an initiative of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU alliance). Through the initiative, ECIU alliance builds the ECIU University with open and flexible system, an entire new concept of the European University for the future. ECIU creates a ground-breaking and innovative educational model on a European scale.

If you have any questions regarding ECIU at Tampere University, please contact our Local Ambassador Minna Haka-Risku.