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"TAMK is a great asset for the start-up ecosystem." - student ambassador story

Published on 27.10.2022
updated on 27.10.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Man standing by Tammerkoski
Born in Cairo, Yasser Bata is an entrepreneur pursuing his TAMK Master’s Degree in International Business Management.

How long have you been in Tampere and what brought you here originally?

Over a year ago, I moved to Tampere as start-up entrepreneur and now I’m also pursuing my master degree in International Business Management at TAMK.

What TAMK degree do you study and why did you choose it?

I am currently following the Master's Degree in International Business Management.

As start-up entrepreneur you need to find a lot information and focus on how to raise your startup project globally. My master’s degree studies focus on such points.

In your opinion, what makes TAMK special?

I enjoy the practical learning and hands-on teaching that is offered. On top of that, TAMK has great professors with great experiences in many various fields. 

How would you describe Tampere as a student city?

Personally, I believe Tampere is the most lovable city for students. It has so much to offer to students of all ages. In addition, here there is a vibrant start-up ecosystem.

Have you had memorable successes / epic failures in settling in Tampere? How did you overcome difficulties?

In the beginning, everything needed more time that what I’m used to back home. I tried to overcome it with practicing more patience.

To whom would you recommend Tampere as a place to study and why?

I highly recommend TAMK for entrepreneurs who aim to scale up their business on international level. Also for IT international talents. Tampere is a great place to live in. Especially for persons who have family


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Photograph: Yasser Bata