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Student story: James from Science and Engineering

Published on 25.10.2021
updated on 25.10.2021
Tampere University
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Picture of James, a Science and Engineering student
Hello everyone, I am James from Nigeria. I am currently a second year student in the Science and Engineering Bachelor's Programme. Just before starting my second year I chose Signal Processing and Machine Learning as my major and Mathematics as my minor.

Why did you choose this programme and Tampere University? 

I got to know about this programme, Tampere University and Finland at large through my brother who is an alumnus of the University. But the most attractive feature of the programme is its flexibility (so many options for major and minor studies) and the language of instruction – English.  

How has it been studying here? 

It has been a wonderful studying experience so far, I really enjoy the structure and organization of the courses I have taken since I got to Finland. Asides the professionalism and easy accessibility of the professors in charge of these courses, the University has a lot of facilities to make studying comfortable ranging from well equipped library, computer rooms, and lot of convenient reading/working spaces.  

What kind of experience have you gained while studying? 

My studies in Tampere University gave me the opportunity to participate in an 8 weeks internship – Learning Lab. During this internship my team worked on developing solutions to communication and intercultural barriers encountered in the online learning environment. I have also gained valuable technical skills from courses like Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Introduction to Signal Processing and Introduction to Databases. I am very excited about my studies because we don’t just study theories, we also learn by doing (i.e applied learning).  

How do you like Tampere and Finland? 

So far I have enjoyed my stay in Tampere, it is such a beautiful city with calm environment. There is no doubt about the fact that Tampere is highly populated with students (aka the students city) and this has really helped me build a great network of friends. And communication has not been a major problem because virtually everyone speaks English. I so much love the Finnish language (still learning though) and I cannot wait to master it. I am really enjoying my stay here. 

Photo: Jonne Renvall