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Our Alumna Pauliina Perttuli: Studies in speech communication naturally hone one’s own communication skills

Published on 20.8.2021
updated on 23.11.2021
Tampere University
Pauliina Perttuli is an interaction coach who helps communities and individuals develop their interaction skills. Perttuli graduated from the University of Tampere's Degree Programme in Speech Communication in the autumn of 2011 with a minor in communication science. She does coaching, training, and development work in several organisations to help clients find more effective ways to communicate and collaborate.

Already during her studies, Pauliina taught speech communication at the Tampere University of Technology. She was instantly attracted to teaching and training, but was also interested in other types of work. During her studies, Perttuli did two internships as a communications assistant in the Finnish chapter of the World Wildlife Fund and an intercultural dialogue project for United Nations in New York. She stayed in the United States for six months getting familiar with the field of communications in an international organisation. Towards the end of her studies, she landed a job as a maternity leave replacement for the education manager of a small college that offers speech coaching.

“In the small company, it was also great to learn how to run the business alongside speech coaching,” Perttuli says.

As her temporary job was nearing the end, Perttuli’s thoughts on setting up ​​her own business became clearer and more definite. 

“At the moment, I particularly enjoy the diversity of working with different clients. For example, I do interaction coaching, change communication projects, facilitate workshops, and develop coaching services for my partner company,” Perttuli lists.

Studies in speech communication naturally hone one’s own communication skills, which is an asset in job seeking. Those studies also give a solid foundation for working as an interaction coach.

“I have found the current thing that I am doing by trial and error. Every now and then, I have stopped to consider whether I am still enthusiastic about the things that fill my days. When the response has been somewhat negative, I have tried to change directions. While my feelings have been positive, I've gone full speed ahead to new inspiring challenges,” Perttula emphasises.

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