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"One of the best things to have happened to me in life is to be admitted with a 100% tuition scholarship at Tampere University"-a student ambassador story

Published on 12.10.2022
updated on 12.1.2024
Tampere University
Hi! My name is Samson Alfred. I am originally from Nigeria and am currently a first-year master's student studying Communication Systems and Networks.

Tell us about yourself and your studies

My name is Samson Alfred, from Nigeria and I am a first-year master's student of Communication Systems and Networks at Tampere University in Finland. One of the best things to have happened to me in life is to be admitted with a 100% tuition scholarship at Tampere University. Over the years, I have heard about how fascinating and thorough academics and university educations are in Finland and I had always wanted to experience it. Thankfully I am living these realities now at the most prestigious institutions in Finland. My course, communication systems and networks, is a robust course which offers me the ability to learn practical ways and methods of 21st-century packet-switched networks and the future internet. The courses are well structured, and I have the liberty to select my combinations based on my specializations. The standard of overall course content is high, with several cutting-edge innovative ways of providing solutions to existing industry problems. My lecturers, tutors and university communities are all great people who are committed to ensuring my success at the university, and I am grateful for that.

Why did you choose your current programme?

I studied electronic and computer engineering for my bachelor's degree and after that, I had over 3 years of experience working in the information technology sector. I have a passion for systems administration, networks engineering, telecommunications, cloud computing etc. While browsing through degree catalogues in Finnish universities, Tampere university caught my attention, as it was the only institution that offers me the opportunity to combine communications systems with computer networks. The course content covers all the areas of my interest, and so far, it has been awesome!

Can you share with us your experiences in Finland and Tampere?

Although I have only been here for a few months, my experience of Finland and especially Tampere has been nothing short of awesomeness and excitement. Tampere is really a big city with a young and vibrant student population. The country is peaceful and quiet. There is a touch of nature and a remarkable historical landscape. My favourite place is the campus arena at Tampere university Hervanta campus, it's such a lovely environment conducive for both group study and personal study. Another thing I love most is my student apartment provided by TOAS (an affordable student union housing apartment) which is located just 500 meters away from the campus. It is clean, decent, and in a secure location close to the police museum. It also has good view over Hervanta. I wish to explore the city more in the coming days.

What would you say to someone planning to study and live in Tampere?

My advice is that all the information and guidelines needed for your studying and living in Tampere is available on the portal. There are student ambassadors and the school administrative office who are willing and happy to help you make this decision. Making a choice like what kind of course to study, how to get an apartment, pay fees, available scholarships and benefits readily available to students can be a bit stressful if you are not getting proper guidance, therefore we are always happy to help and guide you in this regard. Secondly, admission requirements and deadlines for application are taken seriously by the school, therefore ensure you plan early enough in order to not miss out. Ensure all necessary requirements are prepared in advance before the admission process starts, this way, you are able to beat deadlines and set yourself on the right track for getting a positive result. Thirdly, while planning for your admission, also plan for your invitation to the Finnish embassy for your student residence permit in your home country. Make sure you visit to get all the necessary information. It can be a long process so the earlier you prepare, the better.


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