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"My internship opportunity allowed me to get first-hand experience and apply my knowledge"-a student ambassador story

Published on 21.11.2022
updated on 12.1.2024
Tampere University
Life is a box of chocolates, and Tampere University is the most delicious one for me to date!

Tell us about yourself and your studies

Hi! I am Shawon, doing my MSS in Sustainable Digital Life at Tampere University. In our program, we study audio-visual media and some courses related to gamification. I have a BSS in Television, Film and Photography from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Did you develop any special skills while studying in Tampere?

I am currently working as an Intern in WatchMyDC Hyperautomation in the sales and marketing department. I would like to admit, this internship opportunity allowed me to get first-hand experience and apply my knowledge through social media content management, designing email campaigns, and updating blogs.

What tips would you give to new students who are applying to study here?

Tampere University is an institution where you can make your thoughts flourish. I love it here because the culture places an emphasis on work-life balance. The only competitor of yours is yourself, and I am confident about winning myself every day. I hope you will feel the same.

How do you get around the city?

The city feels multicultural, not overpopulated, or dense with vehicles. The city center has some beautiful places to visit, including the lakes around the region. The public transportation is just awesome, as the availability is almost 24 hours. Finding a part time or student job is not that hard, but proper communication is something to be considered.

What is your favourite thing about the student culture in Finland?

I love the way the students enjoy their studies. Coming from a closed-credit education system where I did not have the freedom to choose courses from a wide variety of topics, I really appreciate the opportunity to study courses related to security, politics, or programming.  This feels so flexible! There are also plenty of events through university organizations to hang out and get to know the culture.

Would you like to share something with us?

The multicultural attitude is prominent as most of the people in Tampere are comfortable communicating in English, if required. But it is always great to know Finnish to blend in the society!


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