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"I've been encouraged to work in different groups and collaborate with different organizations which has helped me to build connections for the future"-a student ambassador story

Published on 21.11.2022
updated on 12.1.2024
Tampere University
Hi! I'm Roosa. I'm a second-year student here in Tampere and I'm studying in Sustainable Urban Development bachelor's degree programme. I work as a student ambassador for both Finnish and foreign students to help and answer questions about the student life here in Tampere and about studies in English.

Tell us about yourself and your studies

Hi everyone! I'm Roosa and I'm a second-year student at Tampere University. I'm doing my bachelor's programme in Sustainable Urban Development in the administrative sciences stream. I'm originally from Southern Ostrobothnia here in Finland but I've spend the past years travelling before starting my studies here at Tampere. My studies include interdisciplinary studies from three different streams; technology, social sciences and administrative sciences which is my chosen major. When I started to look at different study options, nothing really seemed to be the right fit for me because I was really interested in many disciplines (especially environmental management and sustainability studies) and wanted to study something that could have a bit of everything in the programme - this makes SUD the perfect fit for me.

Did you develop any special skills while studying in Tampere?

I feel like I picked up a lot of different studying skills from my first year. To name a few, the programme focuses on methods like TBL (Team-based learning) and CBL (Challenge-based learning) that create an environment for the students to share information and solve problems with a critical and open mindset. During my studies I've been encouraged to work in different groups and collaborate with different organizations which has helped me to build connections for the future.

What tips would you give to new students who are applying to study here?

First of all, I would say go for it, especially if you are applying from abroad. Finland is a beautiful country and you can access a lot of other cities with a train from Tampere. Tampere University has a lot of international students and our student culture is known for a reason! Another tip would be to connect to students that are studying here and attend events that can help you build connections.

How do you get around the city?

I mostly use the tram that runs between the center and Hervanta since I have some of my lectures at the city center campus and some at the Hervanta campus. Other than that, I like to walk around to enjoy the fresh air.

What is your favourite thing about the student culture in Finland?

I like that there is something for everyone, different types of events and a lot of opportunities to work with people from different study programmes and organizations. I also enjoy the freedom that I have with designing my studies and the fact that our student culture enables you to find people and connect with friends that might not be from your own study programme!