Eetu Leppänen: "MBA degree gave me the confidence to apply for new job opportunities"

Eetu Leppänen
Eetu Leppänen has always had a need to do good and help people. His Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has given him a new opportunity to go after jobs that he has previously only dreamed about.

What are you currently doing?

Currently I am working as a Knowledge Management Specialist in Gofore Ltd. I am designing strategies, consulting management and leading multiple projects. Gofore has been the best place to grow as a professional and I have been involving in projects which are nationally significant and important to society. To me it is very important that by working I can do good for everyone else and help people.

How did you find out about TAMK?

I have a previous Bachelor's degree in marketing so TAMK was already familiar to me. It felt quite natural to seek a Master's degree at TAMK.

What made you choose TAMK for your studies?

I chose TAMK because when reading the MBA introduction, I felt that this kind of studies will fit my needs and I would be able to complete my studies and get the most out of them. I saw that with these studies I would be able to apply for jobs that are not in my reach without an MBA degree. The degree gave me the confidence to apply for new job opportunities.

What did you like most about Tampere?

I have been living in Tampere my whole life. There are many great things but right now the best thing is to see that Tampere is growing a lot, and now that it is growing, it will give new kind of opportunities to work and reasons to stay here after studies. In a few years, Tampere is going to look a whole lot different than it used to look.

What was the best thing about studies at TAMK?

Best thing was the enthusiastic atmosphere and TAMK supporting the study, work and family balance to all of us. At the time of studies, I was on a study leave, so work wasn’t an issue for me, but our second son was born at the time, so the time felt like I had a job because of not so well slept nights. When I think those times afterwards, I wouldn’t have changed a day because MBA studies gave me the opportunity to get into a new career which I have been dreaming about and I am still working with the same company that I applied for during my studies and it feels so great.

Knowledge management has always been “the thing” for me and now I am able to work as a knowledge management specialist. I can only praise TAMK, for it gave me skills to apply for the kind of work that is just my cup of tea (or more like coffee nowadays). Tea changed to coffee during the studies, and that I think that, I can thank our second son and the sleepless nights.

What would you say to someone considering studying at TAMK?

If you do not like the old methods of teaching that someone speaks in front of the class and everyone else is just listening and taking notes. TAMK is your place. Many of the key teachings I got were from fellow students and teamwork assignments. We did quite a lot reflection towards subjects which we were studying and exchanged experiences from our own work and used them as learning points.

Best memory of your time at TAMK?

One of my best memories has to do with the application process. Application to studies included Skype interview with the teachers. At the time of the interview I was in New York. The interview was scheduled Finnish time 9.30 am, so in my time in New York it was 2.30 am. I was so tired and nervous that I thought that, did I even speak English to the interviewers. Eventually it went well, because I got in and I was so happy. This is one out of many reasons why I love New York so much.


Photo: Matti Saastamoinen


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