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Aino-Maija Lakaniemi, assistant professorship (tenure track) in bio- and circular economy

Published on 5.12.2019
updated on 5.12.2019
Tampere Universities

Aino-Maija Lakaniemi holds a doctoral degree in technology and an assistant professorship (tenure track) in bio- and circular economy. Besides research, her tasks include the management of research projects, teaching and the supervision of students writing their thesis. Aino-Maija studies and develops biotechnological processes whereby microorganisms found in natural environments are utilised, for example, in the recovery of coal, nutrients and metal and in the production of energy. 

What does the scientific community mean to you?

“For me, the scientific community means friends and colleagues from all over the world and the opportunity to learn something new every day, challenge myself and work together with experts and students who are passionate about their field.”

What do you expect from the future?

“I hope to continue developing biotechnological processes and doing my small part to help preserve our natural resources for future generations.”

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