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About me

I am a doctoral researcher working in the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) in the sub-group MBE of new III-V semiconductor materials. My academic/research focus lies in developing novel semiconductor quantum dots as non-classical light sources used in state-of-the-art quantum cryptography and on-chip quantum computing applications. For more info please read the following sections on my expertise and selected publications. 

Additionally, I am on the managing board of the Tampere university photonics SPIE and Optica student chapters where I've held presidency and vice-presidency positions in recent years.    

Fields of expertise

My primary expertise lies in development and characterization of novel semiconductor quantum dot -based devices. Major technical skills include:

  • Material characterization: AFM and SEM
  • Optical characterization of quantum dots: Cryogenic PL spectroscopy, Time-resolved PL, Photon autocorrelation measurements using HBT setups
  • Semiconductor processing (in cleanrooms): Wafer dicing, metallization, photolithography, dry and wet etching

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