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Passages from Ancient to Medieval and Early Modern Societies IX

Tampereen yliopisto
SijaintiKanslerinrinne 1, Tampere
Tampere University, City centre campus, Pinni B building
Ajankohta12.8.2025 21.00–14.8.2025 21.00
PääsymaksuMaksullinen tapahtuma
Kuva muinaisesta taulusta: Roman soldiers and civilians in a 18th-century drawing from column of Marcus Aurelius (Bellori, Giovanni Pietro & Bartoli, Pietro Santi, 1704)

The Passages conference series has since 2003 focused on society and the history of everyday life in the premodern world. Our aim is to bring together scholars from diverse fields to study longer term historical continuities and changes between the classical, medieval, and early modern worlds.

The next, ninth conference in 13-15 August 2025 focuses on the emotions and suffering associated with violence. The aim is to understand what kinds of emotional and affective responses and experiences violence and war cause in individuals, families, and other communities.

More information and registration on the event web site.


Trivium – Tampere Centre for Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Studies (Tampere University).


Conference secretary Saku Pihko, saku.pihko@tuni.fi