OASIS Lunch Time Talks - Fun Things are Fun: Exploring the Games & Life of Karl Rohnke

This week we will have TWO OASIS Lunch Time Talks! This is the second one, the first one will be on Wednesday.

Karl Rohnke is a pioneer in gaming. Humble and unknown to most, his contributions to the world of experiential education have and continue to echo through the hallways of schools and camps around the world. Karl is the king of fun - his half century of game creation is incredibly important. He sits upon a massive body of work, documenting hundreds of live action games and modifications of games through a dozen or so books. In this talk, participants will learn about Karl's groundbreaking work and have a little fun themselves as well!

Pete Vigeant is a New York-based experience designer who specializes in large group live-action and digital games. As Creative Director at ESC Games, he leads a team that built a new game platform for up to 100,000 simultaneous local players. Pete is a founding partner of The Completely Surrounded, a consulting group that has worked with camps, colleges and institutions to bring live action games and training to thousands of participants. He also helps run the Come Out and Play Festival in New York and is the founder of Local Folks Multiplayer, an NYC-based meetup celebrating local multiplayer gaming.

OASIS Lunch Time Talks is a series of lectures on current research by fascinating scholars from near and far. 


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