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Finnish Summer

For parents and sponsors

Studying in a foreign country is an exciting experience not just for the student but the whole family. We here at Tampere university community want to make sure that your child’s stay is safe and rewarding. These pages offer you more information about Finland, Tampere and studying with us.

Why Finland and Tampere?

With 100 years of independence behind it, Finland has a lot to show for. In recent years, Finland has been named as both the safest and the happiest country in the world. In fact, despite our small size, we rank very highly in many country comparisons:

Finland among the best in the world

Scenery in Tampere

Finland is famous for its clean air and nature. In Finland, nature is not only wild but also free for everyone to enjoy, respectfully. Our “everyman’s rights” allow all people living in or visiting Finland to freely roam the countryside, forage, fish with a line and rod, and enjoy the recreational use of natural areas.

Student housing in Finland is of high quality. It is provided independently of but in close collaboration with universities. Locations are convenient and within a manageable distance from our campuses.  All student flats have central heating and the inside temperature remains at a comfortable +20°C even in -20°C weather. The rent usually includes electricity, hot water, internet access and the use of sauna and laundry facilities.

The city of Tampere is linked with the capital Helsinki by air, rail and motorway. Public transport in and between the cities is safe and well-organised. Sustainability and green living are supported by bicycle lanes in the city and throughout the country. Many students use bicycles all year round.

Both universities in Tampere are among the most popular in Finland. Tampere as a city offers students a reasonably priced option, combining high-quality education with  safe society and closeness to nature.

Degree to build your future

With Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences working hand in hand, our students have a unique opportunity to select courses from across our university community and thereby deepen and expand their knowledge and skills that are relevant to their career aspirations.

Tuni campuses

Our learning environments and facilities are modern and supported by quality instruction. Students are highly encouraged to be independent and active learners, take responsibility for their studies and develop critical and innovative thinking. A relaxed and informal student-teacher relationship makes professors and lecturers approachable and ensures that students benefit as much as possible from their teachers' knowledge and expertise.

We provide our graduates with an EU Diploma Supplement, guaranteeing global academic recognition and excellent career prospects. Both universities are audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC). FINEEC is a member of the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) and is a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).

Students are supported throughout their journey

International students do not have to cope with their studies and everyday life alone. Information, resources and advice are easily accessible and extensively provided. Orientation at the beginning of studies will give all new students everything they need to feel at home in Tampere and within our university community.

All our new students will be assigned a student tutor who will help them get settled in Finland and navigate university life. Tampere Student Ambassadors will also help new students by providing experience-based advice and guidance on how to best settle in and succeed in their studies.

Students at the library

Taking a breath between studies

Life outside the campus is also very important in order to make the most out of the time here in Finland. Our student guilds and clubs give students an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Everyone is encouraged to find the best way to make themselves feel at home.

For a small annual sports fee, our students have full access to the extensive SportUni facilities and exercise classes offered on all our three campuses. We offer almost 100 different sports classes per week, including courses for beginners, ball games and team sports, personal training services and both indoor and outdoor gyms.

Tampere is home to about 230,000 inhabitants and every sixth resident is a student. There are some 8,000 events arranged in the city every year, so everyone can find an interest that suits them. Students can always find an affordable choice, thanks to extensive student discounts that are available throughout the city.