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Feedback on TAMK pre-task / entrance exam evaluation results, spring 2024

Student selection results for the spring 2024 application rounds for degrees in English will be published between 7 March - 31 May 2024. Applicants will receive an official results letter, which includes both the results and the points given for each selection.

If you have questions on the total points awarded for your entrance exam or pre-task, please contact admissions.tamk [at] (TAMK  Admissions) first to see if there is a technical error. If you then have further questions on entrance exam or pre-task evaluations, please contact the person(s) listed below.

If after both clarifications you still feel there has been a mistake in your evaluation, you can submit a written appeal to the TAMK Board of Examiners within 14 days from publishing date of results. Address your appeal to the TAMK Board of Examiners and send it tamk [at] (by email) or by regular mail to "Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu, Tutkintolautakunta, Kuntokatu 3, 33520 Tampere, FINLAND".

Persons listed below will answer your questions regarding entrance exams and pre-tasks (will be further updated during spring 2024)



Community Work and Multicultural Development

11-13 March by email :  niina.koskela [at] (niina[dot]koskela[at]tuni[dot]fi)

Educational Leadership

11-13 March by email : mel.tamk [at] (mel[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi) 

International Business Management

11-13 March by email : sven.rassl [at] (sven[dot]rassl[at]tuni[dot]fi) 

Risk Management and Circular Economy

11-13 March by email: pauliina.mansikkamaki [at] (pauliina[dot]mansikkamaki[at]tuni[dot]fi)



Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership

Feedback time TBC

Media and Arts

Feedback time TBC

Bachelor's degrees using the International UAS Exam: admissions.tamk(at)

  • Environmental Engineering
  • International Business
  • Nursing
  • Software Engineering
  • Textile and Material Engineering