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Deepen your know-how with a Diploma of Higher Education

The Diploma of Higher Education trainings are extensive trainings that are specifically designed to address the current needs of working life. You will receive an official Diploma of Higher Education from the training to prove your skills to employers.

What is a Diploma of Higher Education?

Diploma of Higher Education trainings are narrower than degree studies, but still extensive trainings. They are designed to meet the changing needs of working life. After graduating, you will receive a Diploma of Higher Education a to prove your skills.

The diploma trainings are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, and therefore free of charge for students.

Diploma of Higher Education is suitable for you if, for example:

  • you want to deepen and update your skills from the needs of working life
  • you want to change fields, but you don’t want to study a whole new degree
  • you want flexible studies that can be carried out alongside working and family obligations
  • you want to study in a university, but not for a full degree

The diploma trainings have no basic training requirements. Thus, you can apply even if you don't have a secondary degree from Finland. Please note however, that some trainings have some requirements for your basic knowledge or skills. You can find more detailed information on the website of each training.

Studying in most diploma trainings is considered as part time studying by the TE Services. However, if you are a customer of the TE Services, please check the situation on the website of each training separately. Always discuss participating in a training in advance with your local TE Services.

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In the Tampere University community, diploma educations are carried out by the Tree – Continuous Education department.