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Applicants with refugee status or similar in Finland

Applicants with refugee status (or similar) and asylum seekers who are unable to present the required documents to demonstrate their prior qualifications may be invited to an entrance examination or similar. They will be expected to present an official certificate confirming their refugee status (asylum decision or residence permit issued on the grounds of subsidiary protection). A copy of the certificate must be submitted to the Admissions Office of Tampere University at the time of applying as an attachment on the application online.

The same policy applies to both asylum seekers and persons with refugee status or similar. At the application stage, asylum seekers must present their customer card issued by a reception centre if they are unable to present other official documentation in support of their identity.

Applicants with refugee status will be expected to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language. If an applicant cannot demonstrate their language proficiency by taking a language test required by the University as they are unable to provide an official identity document, the University may organise a session where the applicant’s level of English is assessed.

Additional information when applying to master's programmes

The Admissions Office of Tampere University will assess the eligibility of a person applying for direct admission to a Master’s Programme in accordance with the standard application process based on documents that the applicant provides along with his or her application or upon a separate request.

Do you need help?

Please contact the Admissions Office well in advance for additional assistance.